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The balance and longevity of the horse, an introduction to

This course has gotten so popular that we are now adding it to the permanent list! It is an introductory course that includes subjects such as the human influence and effect on the horse, what is necessary for a healthy horse and to keep it going for as long as possible. We talk about what we do that is good, what is less so and what we can do to improve our horsekeeping, training and mental health. The course includes demos of massage/treatment, the horse in movement as well as lectures and discussions. I adapt for all levels, from novices to professionals.

Full one-day course


Would you like to know more about how to massage your horse, or understand why horses are like they are? Where do horses actually come from? And how do we affect these wonderful animals? How do we help them manage in our modern world? I have different courses and lectures in healthcare and history. If you can't find what you're looking for, get in touch and we will arrange a special course just for your needs.

Horse massage for home use - for sound musculature in the hobby horse

Basic anatomy

Grips and routine for full body massage (including practical training)

Stretching (including practical training)

Discussion, when does the horse require professional help?

Introduction to your choice of subject from the second course, or a questions&answers session

Full day


Horse massage for home use, continuation - for the competition horse or the more interested rider & groom

Why do the horses muscles get tense?

How do you find a tight muscle and how do you know if this is a problem?

How do you prevent tensions?



Massage for common specific problems

Stretching for specific muscles

Introduction to one of the following subjects: The Saddle, is the fit important? How does the horse handle modern feeds? Exercise, how and why should the horse work?

Full day


Keep the horse healthy - a compendium for the really interested

Contains a summary of Horse massage and continuation course but with less or no practical aspects, as well as the following lectures (and/or discussions)

Saddle, is the fit important? How do you know if it fits and what happens if it doesn't? Which other equipment can affect the horse?

The Horse Now & Then Where does the horse come from? How has it developed through the times? How do we adapt horsekeeping with this in mind? Do we?

Communication How does the horse communicate? Why? Do we understand them? How can we help them understand us?

Yum, feed! What does the horse eat? Why? How does the horses digestive system work? How does the horse handle our modern feeds? Is there anything we can do?

Anatomy Is it important that a rider knows the horse anatomy? Why?

Healthcare How do we handle soft tissue injuries? Should the horse rest or not? What more can we do to aid the healing process?

Exercise What is optimal? How should the horse move? How do you teach it? Is it possible to retrain a wrongly trained horse?

Common problems Why do they occur? Discussion.

Human rights What rights do we have with horses?

Number of days depending on which subjects are to be covered and/or how in depth you want the information.

All subjects in Keep the horse healthy can be held as separate lectures.

Please enquire for pricing. Travel and accommodation costs may apply.

Certificate of participation will be issued after completion of the course.