Striving to maintain a sound body and mind...


Most horses require special attention at some point in their lives. They certainly deserve it! I strive to help horses, and their owners, to keep as sound as is possible. It is vital for the owners to be of sound mind. To quote Nicholas Evans, "It's a lot like nuts and bolts - if the rider's nuts, the horse bolts!". Some horsepeople leave a lot to be desired, but as long as there is a want of knowledge and a will to help the horse is lucky to have the owner or rider it has. My aim is to spread knowledge and so keep the horses healthy. Which, in the end, will render me useless! (Worst business plan ever.)

I see the horse as a whole. If a horse, for example, displays back pain it can have all sorts of causes, from teeth problems to lameness. I don't fix teeth, but I can help establish whether this is a likely cause of the problems you are experiencing. I can assist with problematic saddles and training as well as the physiological system.

I offer magnetic and laser treatments as well as the hands-on treatments.

As a rule my visit goes as follows. I come in, greet the person and the horse. The owner fills me in on some details (I ask what I need to know) and I start looking the horse over. I will check for symmetry, mobility and suppleness. Where there is a lack of these I will treat with massage, passive or active mobilisation, stretching as well as osteopathy and acupuncture. I show the person what I have found as well as what and how to do exercises to help the horse.

Treatments are priced at 1200kr incl. VAT. Travel costs may apply, so may discounts.