Striving to maintain a sound body and mind...


Most horses require special attention at some point in their lives. They certainly deserve it! I strive to help horses, and their owners, to keep as sound as is possible. It is vital for the owners to be of sound mind. To quote Nicholas Evans, "It's a lot like nuts and bolts - if the rider's nuts, the horse bolts!". Some horsepeople leave a lot to be desired, but as long as there is a want of knowledge and a will to help the horse is lucky to have the owner or rider it has. My aim is to spread knowledge and so keep the horses healthy. 

I see the horse as a whole. A horse that displays back pain can have all sorts of causes, from problems with the teeth, training or saddle to lameness. I can help establish whether this is a likely cause of the problems you are experiencing. I can assist with problematic saddles and training as well as the physiological system.

I offer magnetic and laser treatments, EMT, acupuncture as well as hands-on treatments such as massage and osteopathic techniques.

I am no stranger to working together with vets, both in diagnostic and rehabilitative circumstances. I often take over where vets have excluded joint problems etc, to focus on muscle injuries and the likes. 

As a rule my visit goes as follows. I come in, greet the person and the horse. The owner fills me in on some details (I ask what I need to know) and I start looking the horse over. I will check for symmetry, mobility and suppleness. Where there is a lack of these I will treat with massage, passive or active mobilisation, stretching as well as osteopathy and acupuncture. I show the person what I have found as well as what and how to do exercises to help the horse.

Please enquire for prices.