...of both horse and rider.


I have lessons in carriage and balance. The horse needs to carry itself correctly to avoid problems. I teach the rider to keep their own balance to help the horse. The rider can also learn the natural aids, so you do not have to make it such hard work to get results. The results are then even better, more beautiful.

For example, I recently taught an uneducated rider on an uneducated horse carriage and balance through lateral exercises in only two lessons. They obviously need more training, but they have found a starting point that they understood and managed to execute and it gave them an invaluable base to work from.

As I also work with the physique of the horse as this is always my focus, and different horses in their different stages can need competely different training. I take this into account in our common endeavour for success.

Lessons are priced at 500kr. Travel costs may apply.